There are countless reasons to install fire resistant doors in your hotel, office, bank, school, hospital or home. You can make all living and working spaces safer with fire resistant door options suitable for different space features. Fire doors, which increase the security of your buildings, are one of the most ideal choices to provide a safe environment.

Why are Fire Resistant Doors Necessary?

The main function of fire doors is to control the fire and smoke for a while and to minimize the risk of smoke inhalation. Fire resistant doors, which can be applied to all models and surfaces, prevent the fire from spreading to different areas of the building with its single and double leaf options. You can determine the door thickness options that increase according to the fire resistance power according to the area you will use. With case thicknesses of 42, 52 and 55 cm, fire resistant doors are needed for sometimes life and sometimes archive security.

Create Your Own Designs

As one of the leading companies producing fire doors in Turkey, Kapım offers many classic and decorative options for fire resistant doors. You can create your own unique styles with different fire doors that offer 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes durability. You can use the door options, which offer advantages such as sound insulation and color selection, to create an environment of trust both indoors and outdoors. You can add patterns, colors and extra features to the doors that are easy to assemble and prepare.

Fire ResistanceWing OptionStandard SizesDoor Size (Maximum)Wing Thickness (MM)Case Thickness (MM)Molding OptionsSurface Options
30Single Wing9802190119026604742
Double Wing1380219020703285
60Single Wing930219098023005852TO ALL MODELS
Suitable for Lacquer, Veneer, Laminate and all other surfaces
Double Wing1380219015502300
90Single Wing9402190103524107055


My Door and Camsan

Okal plate is obtained by pressing the chips obtained from wood raw material by applying adhesive, heat and vertical pressure. This mixture, which goes through the pressing process, becomes a usable plate in furniture.

Kolçam and Kapım, Turkey’s largest company in Okal sheet production, obtained successful results from the fire resistance certificate test they entered together.

Reinforced with perforated chipboards produced in 30-33-35-38-60 mm thickness, 1250 mm standard width and 2000-2200 mm length, the door wings gain extra fire resistance with external special chemicals and apparatus.

Don’t Forget to Take Your Precaution

Kapim, serving in 81 provinces of Turkey with a monthly production capacity of over 30,000 in wood veneer, lacquer and furniture doors, produces special security solutions for places where many people live together with its fire resistant doors. The doors, which attract the attention of the construction industry with their resistance to impact, scratching and most importantly fire, allow you to make the final touch to the settlement with the advantages of being used for many years.

You Also Prefer My Door

The fire resistance of the doors produced by Kapım, which has received various “fire resistance” certificates from Chiltern International Fire, which has carried out the best registration process in Europe since 2015, has been approved. You can ensure your life safety by using the doors, which you can see as the first line of defense in a possible fire, in your projects.